Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TOC shaping up ...

Obviously this stuff's still in flux, and will be until published, never mind these early phases. Nonetheless, it's shaping up more and more clearly in my mind, currently looking as:

  • Part 1 - Introduction, covering foundational subjects, including:
    • The Mythe of the Software Nirvana
    • Defining Software Quality
    • Principles of (UNIX) Programming
    • Monolith Hunting  
  • Part 2 - Why C++
    • The C-Family, or You Can't Pick Your Relatives
    •  Nul-Termination
    • Paradigms at War
    • Backwards Compatibility?
    • Operator Underload
    • C How Much Trouble You Got Us Into 
    • it'll also contain the definitions of the (currently 10) specific technical problems that will be addressed in the book:
      • Hello, World
      • Support Free Speech: Ban all the Dissonance!
      • The Chevron Shemozzle
      • The Erroneous Apprehension of Error, or What Did I Do Wrong?
      • The Logging Conundrum
      • How To Be Yourself
      • InCOMpatible Models
      • Taming The SYSTEM
      • Bulk Billing
      • Big and Wide and Tall
  • Part 3 - Abstraction
  • Part 4 - Conformance
  • Part 5 - Heterogeneity
  • Part 6 - Failure
  • Part 7 - Diagnostics
  • Part 8 - Resource Management
  • Part 9 - Performance Compromises
  • Part 10 - C++0x
  • Appendix A - Well-known Shims
  • Appendix B - Type Tunnel Incarnations
Planning to do a chunk of work over the w/e, so there may be more news soon. To those following, thanks for your interest. :-)



  1. Are you waiting, to re-do your work and rewrite the book for C++11?

  2. Hi, The last news was that the book will be ready mid 2011. Could you update us on the progress?


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