Saturday, November 6, 2010

New TOC nearly ready

The Table of Contents is currently being finalised as I write this. Currently looking like the chapters will be distributed within ten parts, plus two appendixes:

  • Part 1 - Introduction. Covering:
    • The Mythe of the Software Nirvana
    • Defining Software Quality
    • Principles of (UNIX) Programming
    • Monolith Hunting
  • Part 2 - Why, C++? Covering:
    • The C-Family, or You Can't Pick Your Relatives
    • Nul-Termination
    • Paradigm Wars
    • Backwards Compatibility?
    • Operator Underload
    • C How Much Trouble You Got Us Into 
Part 2 will also include the 10 problems that will be exercised throughout the remaining parts of the book

  • Part 3 - Abstraction
  • Part 4 - Heterogeneity
  • Part 5 - Conformance
  • Part 6 - Failure
  • Part 7 - Resource Management
  • Part 8 - Diagnostics
  • Part 9 - Performance Compromises
The precise contents and order of these parts is still being planned

  • Part 10 - C++0x. Who knows what this'll contain? I do know that it'll look critically at what parts of C++0x will help address some of the problems already discussed, and what others fail to help at all. (Like, as I strongly suspect, variadic templates; more info soon ...)

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